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My daughter Rachel is a curious mixture of the town and the country, her country side produced a book for my birthday I was unaware off, wildlife detective. This is a book I always thought was the province of an early influence on bringing me back to my core interests in birds, Bob McMillian. Back to the book, brilliant, a door opener into the upholders of our law, as with any crime a reflection on humanity pushing the boundaries to suit themselves. Alan Stewart's book is a fantasitic read for anyone interested in wildlife, particularly if you live in Perth and Kinross as it has those geographical links. We have an allotment on Moncrieffe island and from the salmon poaching chapters I realise the island has a history of exploitation in darkness, whereas we need the light. On the subject of crime , the island, and allotments. Can you believe we and others have suffered theft of our vegetables. Are people so poor, in Perth?

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