Does major industry use QA to hide behind? The cement industry appears to have accomplished this, who in the last 40 years remembers testing cement? we all now receive cement certs as a given, never challenged, well how could you? it's from a factory like an AUDI car, problem is when we have driven the product we can't sort out why the brochure product is not as advertised, we consumers of ready mix are the ultimate users, denied as real customers by the suppliers who use the powder, no link to powder maker so door shut. Is cement a hugely variable product, unknown to its true, down the line customers ? It's base line for compliance is so low and set by themselves that it could vary enormously above it's minimum. Think about concrete durability for trunk roads in Scotland, all codes are ignored and the employer 's requirements specify a minimum requirement of a free W/C ratio of 0.4. Does this not tell you about free w/c ratios in actual production and the trust in the ready mix industry? I would like to see more cement testing, problem is, it will comply, my concern is how variable is it? Don't see clients specifying this, it would seem to be the province of a ready mix supplier who buys cement from another company. Probably it is happening, but will we users of ready mix ever find out? Am I too cynical?

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