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p1020611p10206101I like simple devices that work, my sometimes erudite son who made this site, got me a logmaker for Christmas. This if you have a woodburner or open fire will re-cycle waste paper and other burnable waste, into logs. well log shaped compressed paper etc. I have been raiding the paper re-cycling bin after the crimble present paper was used up. I made seven logs from wrapping paper! very pretty they were. I recommend this product, one hitch is you have to have a fire going first then add the "logs", I failed to start a fire with logmaker logs today, although the wind speed was nil. Go to There are some repercussions from this and some quite mighty, Our second vehicle is an L200 animal which when trees are available can be filled up along with the trailer. The logmaker in a single event has made for sale the L200 for a small car, the trailer can go and the small car can go in the garage. Both chainsaws and a log splitting axe are redundant, oh forgot my hydraulic Clarke log splitter too. One logmaker re-cycled in itself, has caused a major sale of tree logging items. Well wait an see, paper the obvious ingredient for the logmaker could be in itself redundant, are you reading this from paper?

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  1. Ian February 3, 2009 at 9:18 pm


    what is it with you guys hitting the site with piss like yeh man coolest domain name and wish I could write stuff like that. Piss off Russians; you’re a creepy lot of mixed up capitalists/communists, you cannot be trusted. If you want to contribute say something sensible, not the only phrase you have learned in English. Tell us how your windscreen washers work in minus temps, cos our bloody cars don’t. Suspect you have rejected vodka in the washers, well I talk rubbish now, rejected vodka, wouldn’t happen.

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