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Started reading about the study of the Peregrine Falcon in Greenland, well the book is from the seventies and is about environmental effects of DDT and other organochlorides. Set me wondering 30 or more years on if we can do something equally stupid to the environment but not recognise it at the time, for it's potential harm. One on which the jury is still out. I cannot include the whole world, who knows what China does, when I worked in Hong Kong I passed streams that ran red, then next day blue and fragrance bay was better known for a lavatorial fragrance. As an aside I heard a good quote the other day regarding global warming and emerging economies, " it's like having a great meal and asking someone who watched the feast to help pay for it" Anyway my thought on harm and jury undecided was GM crops. surely they have had enough time to prove a point, more yield, less chemicals, more plant species. seems to be stuck on soya and maize. If they are that good at manipulating genes why can't they make them like most (all bred?) rainbow trout, triploids and incapable of reproduction. Then the argument of gene cross breeding and harm to the neighbouring environment has gone. If I read the runes correctly this is the main compliant. The other problem relates also to bankers, trust, I don't believe you can trust large multinational companies to deliver anything altruistic it's always the bottom line. Could be dressed as altruistic as in feed the world, but we could do that now if we distributed wealth more. I was thinking on motoring in my L200 on vegetable oil, but not on soya, GM or not, too much forest is destroyed to plant with soya. most soya is GM and you can't save seed to replant, need to restock from Mr multinational, also answers my question above about producing non-pollinating GM seeds. Not possible I suspect or they would be doing it. Life is complicated when you have choice and a conscious, nice place to be!!

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