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Increasingly as you get older comments and situations make you react. Maybe because years of experience (of living) personal opinions can be formed, usually in a grumpy old man form. Well I'm not grumpy RE this, how often have you heard "they behaved like animals" in regard to a human situation? Well surprise surprise, we are animals, we are part of the animal kingdom, animals with backbones (includes politicians) is our phylum. Below is how the zoologists have sorted it out. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: cordota class: mammalia order: primata family: hominidae Genus: Homo Species: sapien Thanks above to wikipedia answers, saved me working it out. Now the real thing that gripes me is the animals referred to in the statement  " they behaved like animals" is that the other members of the animal kingdom behave much worse than Homo Sapiens. Non-Homo-sapien animals may commit murder, (as we see it) but it is an evolved predator / prey relationship it is not contemplated and planned other than by innate programming. Non-homo sapien animals will avoid killing each other within the same species, hence displacement behaviour, hence a successful Gannet colony, sure a bit of bill agro and noise, but one gannet is not contemplating (it can't) murder of a noisy neighbour. I heard on the BBC World Service a comment on the GAZA situation, where the commenter, who was non-partisan, saying that the participants, Israel and Hamus, should stop what there doing and behave like human beings. Behaving like human beings is exactly what they are doing. Non-homo sapiens animals hold territory and co-exist within there own species, I again refer to a Gannet colony as an example. Give me an example of a GAZA in the non-homo sapiens world We are animals and uniquely able to destroy where we live, non homo sapiens animals do not have that ability, and we are the thinkers!!

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  1. ThePath January 19, 2009 at 8:34 am

    A good point well made. However it has been proven that one of our closest living relatives the common Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is capable of murder and seems to carry out such brutal attacks for no real reason. They also seem to be premeditated killings; a party of males get psyched up and leave the group with one intention!

    Perhaps this is no surprise when you consider how close a relative they are! Perhaps we have just taken it to another level. A case against this would have course got to be the Bonobo (Pan paniscus). These sex loving chimps dont seem to have a violent bone in their bodies. They are lovers not fighters.

    So where does that leave us. There doesnt seem to be too many links in the chain between chimps and humans! Why is this?

    Maybe our brains expanded so quickly through some kind of freak mutation that had its obvious advantages and evolved further. Perhaps the explosion of brain power accounts for our species being on the unstable side.

    Taking Ian’s info and my own into account have humans stopped evolving, are we getting smarter? There seems to be as much fighting and stupidity as there ever has been, we just have more complex and deadlier weapons. Is that evolution? All hail the most successful parasites on Earth!!

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