Loch Leven, Pinkfeet

Loch Leven, Pinkfeet

Readers of this site may be excused for considering this site to be personal moan blog. Perhaps it is the things that irk that are highest on the agenda, does good news sell newspapers? Well it did the other day with the successful rescue of all passengers from the airline that ditched in the Hudson river, a very rare circumstance. Geese and engines don't mix too well. Wonder how they will exercise control over that incident. Bet the geese are the losers. Loch leven near me is a wildlife haven, particularly for geese in winter. I had holidays to take or lose them so on a November Monday I was on the new path that nearly circumvents the Loch. Well i have seen many geese flocks but on this day they put on a special show, flighting back to the loch from nearby fields they became uncountable, thousands upon thousands of pinkfeet all calling against a clear blue sky. In the summer I have walked a mere 200m from Burleigh sands car park to the shore and been mesmerised by up to 5 Ospreys clearly visible to the eye. This famous fishery which had it's own type of trout is no longer the venue of championship competitions, it is however still a good fishing loch. Well the Ospreys of course eat fish and catch them spectacularly and me seeing five was remarkable, but how about 200+ cormorants. These once sea birds are plundering the fishing resource, and well done to them for being successfully exploitative and bad luck on those whose money and time does not end up as planned. What to do ? all the preservation law is against you backed up by paid up RSPB members like me. It's an uncomfortable dichotomy. There are others, sparrowhawks and pigeons, badgers and cattle, birds of prey and grouse shooting. flipping to the converse, there are too many red and roe deer. No natural predators. Except a few alleged bigĀ  cats and poachers from Fife. So I want to end in an geese theme as i started, I have to thank www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/outdoors/ for the explanation of old cars planted in the middle of fields in Kinross, Geese scarers they are, not that geese are scared of old cars, but I suspect that when the geese arrive someone shoots from the old car and the geese are forever put off. Can such simple solutions be found for the dichotomies above?

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