I like Oman, and it's people, even though when I had to leave within a month when my work permit was not granted, I had 5mins left on my visit visa, at the airport, Mr jobs worth said, your lucky, another five mins and we would have to jail you. Back to Dubai I went. I was subsequently jailed, but that's another story. Anyway I loved Oman, real people, real links to the history of their land, settled they were. I could sense the difference between Dubai, Saudi, Bahrain, and Oman, settled, the folks there had been there a while and their attitude was who are you and well met. lovely people no airs and graces, people of the land and the sea. So I was there to build this road from Al Seeb to Al Khawd working for Desert Line Projects, their first "road" project. Everything from scratch, people, non earthmoving plant, the lot. Now this is where being an expat stretches you much more than working at home. I decided with others where the camp would be, where we would get the water, what pump we needed to get the water to the camp, all that start up stuff usually done by others. Then later, what crusher to buy, I also bought from Costain in Muscat, a road spray tanker and had to figure out how it worked, and then train a driver and sprayman how to work it. This wasn't the modern type where cabin controls did the valves, a poor bloke had to stand on the foot plate at the rear and operate the levers. Did he get black and sticky? yes he did, so I gave him dirty money. We had 23 culverts to build and we bought three reverse drum mixers with weigh gear and moved them from culvert to culvert to do relatively small pours. Yeh it was hick town, but it worked. Oh I also, with help from our camp boss, who was an Indian called Daz, a completely competent guy, the type you wish you had a dozen of, made a redundant smallĀ  swimming pool viable again, chlorine the lot. What had that to do with a road job? It was the project managers, a great fellow called Rodger Inker who I worked with in Dubai and recommended him to Desert line. The point I make is if you are an expat with a contractor and survive, you are in my opinion more employable than your colleagues that you left at home. Because you have learned to solve problems not just raise them. If you want to visit a real natural part of the middle east, go to Oman. Dubai is just a huge disney world, they do have vision and balls I have to say cos they know when the oil runs out? what then? Oman is for me the place to go back to, it was, as still is warm and welcoming. And unlike me you wont be forced to leave, as tourists are now welcome.

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  1. March 26, 2009 at 10:03 am

    hi i am lookin for job in road marking field. If any vacancy s there plz let me know.


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