I'm in head office from a sojourn in the borders, nice place, like it, mostly owned by the Duke of Buccleugh of course. Reputedly the Duke if he ever did walk, could walk on his land from Edinburgh to Dumfries. Reminds me to locate my "who owns what" in Scotland book, think it is in Lochaline. In the Hotel. Speaking of hotels, if you are ever in the area of the A7 near the English / Scottish border, you must stay or at least eat in the Marchbank Hotel. Family run and just so nice, and good value too, best bit is the grub but you'll have to visit to appreciate what I mean. You will have assumed, those naturally commercial, that I stayed in the Marchbank, first day i opened my curtains to Nuthatches on the bird table. Room 3, fantastic, when it's your first live sighting and you're a birder!! difficult to convey same excitement over breakfast to blooming staid civil engineers. I digress, tender documents, well you never expect everything to be correct, that isn't human. But I was examining a drawing recently that had a road plan on the drawing top and the longitudinal profile below with level data. Obviously one drawing part doesn't share the same data, as the plan showed fill with false cuts to screen the road and the profile showed cut, fine but which was correct? Anyway it is design and build, or more correctly proscribe and build. Showing this drawing around returned "that's nothing" look at this etc. The standard of  detail is appalling and the bulletin issues never help as it is just overload, then as you find apparent mistakes and dichotomies and TQ them, it jams up the system. Much time is spent not in producing solutions but trying to understand what the client requires. All this in a normal tendering environment, what if the Scottish Government advances some projects, to stimulate demand, to boost the economy!! I dread to think of the standard of detail, one thing will be correct, the legals, the caveats the whatever the circumstances we (the client) cannot be held responsible for anything, you (the bidder) must work your butt off to make sure you understand what we want from the junk issued. But I am forgetting the golden rule: he who has the gold rules.  (from the wizard of ID) is that still extant?

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  1. February 17, 2009 at 10:17 am

    If I understand this correctly is it not simply a case of the tadpoles swimming the wrong way on the plan?

    • Ian February 17, 2009 at 6:37 pm

      Who mentioned tadpoles, you seem to have insider information? Anyway even if it was such a simple single error who made it? who was checking? Do the consequences of such a simple error not lead to wasted time of confirmation at a minimum, and grossly misleading at a maximum?

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