Pete and I were so fed up with St Lucia, that from information gleaned from the Italian owner of our local restaurant / bar the Il pirata (the pirate) we decided at Christmas we were off. Landed Christmas eve got to hotel, booked in and took to our feet. We were lucky to get fed and watered by 9.0pm as everywhere was closing down. So ended up in bed early to be woken at 12.00 when the whole place went mad with fireworks and a street full of people. We stayed in bed. Next day we started to explore on foot, public transport was closed. Caracas is cosmopolitan, typical type street cafes where you sit and have waiter service, great, sit drink beer and watch Caracas go by. Next day the city got back to normal and we used the brilliant underground / overground rail system. As I recall we bought an anywhere travel ticket and we got off and on as we pleased, it was and is my most pleasant experience of public travel. The rail system is not just limited to Caracas but goes way outside the city limits. Memorably on one of these outside city limits trips we were in a bar at lunchtime, well you have to support the local economy! who sidles up to us but an ex Bishop from Wales, who worked in Venezuela, who wanted the crack in English. Pete had worked in Wales near the guys birthplace so that was a flowing conversation, but I did not like this bloke, and old soak living on a pension paid by UK tax payers, he boasted he could afford a chauffeur, just as well the amount he drank, interesting though. Caracas came to mind because of the recent referendum on Hugo Chavez being able to stand forever as president. Pride cometh before a fall! Angel falls we did not get to, very expensive, but we did explore Caracas and it's hinterland and it was as very pleasant break. I would not go there from Europe as a holiday, it is not a usual tourist destination, but if you are nearby, Caracas is well worth a visit.

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  1. November 11, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Venezuela is a lovley place to visit, we kept meeting so many British families too. 🙂 sarah

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