Sent by Wimpey Asphalt to set up a post as technical manager, I arrived in Hong Kong, the MD immediately set about me with beer and the need to stay. I was resolute having been an expat I had to measure up the place. It did not measure up, plus for the first time in my life I had jet lag!! When you lie awake in the middle of the night having had a belly full of beer you know you are in trouble. So what of Hong Kong? Great for shopping, terrible for driving, most cars are automatic, because you are always in a jam. You can tell it's crowded from day one, and also rich, if you judge wealth by the cars around you, and the number that need dough to buy them, the place has wealthy people. Strange things happen, I suppose to everybody by association with others, but when you change your others to a well heeled lawyer whose sister is your cleaner and cook, (don't ask, it's about pride) then another world can open up. Wealth, cars, boats, property. I did see from my automatic Toyota, people's debris from sleeping under flyovers, so not all wealthy. But it never is, Hong Hong was then buzzing, those people are not Chinese communist types, (whatever that means) they work hard and want to prosper. Why did I not stay? the natural environment was knackered, anything that moved was game, there were no open areas where natural life was confined and accessible. Humanity prevailed !! terrible to behold. Want to shop? Hong Kong cannot be beaten. Want to be surrounded by more people than you can imagine, who are polite and do not pester you or beg, Hong Kong is the place.

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  1. Ian February 22, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Just an aside I remembered, Hong Kong to Heathrow is a long flight and on the jumbo I was returning in the cheap seats, I had some sleeping pills from my jet lag cure. So wishing to sleep I had two whiskys popped a pill and woke up just prior to landing in Heathrow. Thing was the wee chinese lady to my right had her head on my shoulder and my head was on her head, brilliant sleep, brilliant flight.

  2. March 2, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    I visited Hong Kong to visit a uni friend but also to be nosey about a place which seemed so foriegn yet was where my parents met. The crowds where like nothing I had ever experienced; everyone so polite and I was of avergae hieght so I could see over the top of peoples heads!!! Trust me, that is very unusual at 5′ 4″. It would seem from your description that you did not get out in to any of the national parks in the New Territories, which although small are very lovely and give a flavour of a much wilder country.

    I will sympathise on the jet lag as it is always worse going east but as I had a non-direct flight, via Dubai, Singapore and finally to Hong Kong, the opportunites to sleep were limited. I remember clearly one leg of this journey (I was travelling on my own) I was sat next to a family from Iran that all spoke some english and all wanted to practice. This meant that I spent ages talking to all four of them in anything from basic english ‘how are you?’, ‘my name is…’ to near fluent, discussing films and books. I can honestly say that my farsi did not improve but my appreciation and understanding of a beautiful country certainly did. I just hope that I can visit it some time so.

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