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In 1997 my son and I took our Mercedes 408 camper van on a trip through Nth Ireland and Eire. That was the first year the ferry ran from Campbelltown to Ballycastle, we parked on the Campbelltown pier, nice and flat, and near the chippy and cinema. Handy to pee on a slipway down into the harbour, but not in the morning after the tide had been in and it was a bit slippery, for Neil cos he ended up in the harbour! I heard a shout and plop rushed over to see Neil swimming to a ladder and me…

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On my post "Oman;  real place in the sun", I mention the jail, we here's the tale: I reckon it was a set up, however I reacted the wrong way. This is what happened, in Oman you can obtain a liquor license linked to your salary. I was well paid and could never drink my allowance, so I bought booze in moderate amounts for my staff. The Indian ones, the Pakistanis true to their faith did not drink. Yeh I know there are many Indian Muslims but none were in my staff. Anyway, the monthly trip to the booze shop…
ya beauty, my son who is 27 does not know what a steam punk is, so for once I'm ahead of the game. Only because I heard the tail end of the radio cafe program on radio Scotland regarding steam punks. Intrigued I listened as I drove from the cursed contract on the A7, well there was a dawning realism that I may and my wife may belong to this sub-culture called steam punk!! Why ? because we both mend and make things, but don't most households? Like a drop of mercury (could sue schools for that now) I can't…

My wife and I visited Seattle in September 2007 as part of a mini tour of the USA’s Pacific North West. We found it a very interesting city and from a photographic point of view it is something very special.

We stayed 5 nights at the Best Western Plaza by the Green Hotel in Kent, to the south of the city. Although still very much within the sprawl of Seattle the hotel was around 30 minutes drive from the centre. Travelling around was fairly easy with the Interstate 5 running north/south through the city linking all the main attractions.


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