On my post "Oman;  real place in the sun", I mention the jail, we here's the tale: I reckon it was a set up, however I reacted the wrong way. This is what happened, in Oman you can obtain a liquor license linked to your salary. I was well paid and could never drink my allowance, so I bought booze in moderate amounts for my staff. The Indian ones, the Pakistanis true to their faith did not drink. Yeh I know there are many Indian Muslims but none were in my staff. Anyway, the monthly trip to the booze shop was quite a big spend, and I reckon the Police spotted me and they took their chance when I was in the overtaking lane doing the correct speed, they horsed up my tailgate with an unmarked grey Audi Quattro, I should have know better as it had four aerials. I got annoyed sped up and could not gain the inside lane before a roundabout came up and a uniformed policeman waved me to the side. So I was speeding, but they needed me to go to the station for a blood test for alcohol. So off we went, they took a blood sample, my shoe laces, my glasses, my keys and dumped me in the slammer.  A not nice evening was spent in the company of various all lying about the corridors and floor spaces, trying to sleep. I asked for a blanket to the assembled,  and to my surprise someone nearby got me one after he took a short walk down the corridor and there was a bit of grumbling to be heard. So that was me, concrete floor, thin blanket and with the thought I would be in big trouble in the morning as I was to pick up the project managers wife and children from the airport! In the morning got a cup of tea from an urn and waited for my name to be called. It was eventually, I was told I was not to be charged with drink driving  just speeding and was given back my shoe laces, keys and specs. Can't really recall exactly the next events except my pickup had no booze and my binoculars were gone. I went to he office and joined the usual melee of bodies jostling for position to see "mr big" Queue? sense of order? discipline? na none of that, push jostle use loud voice. From memory my answer was, all goods returned when fine is paid, and fines are paid on some other blooming day!! to cut a long story short, I enlisted one of my new made Omani friends and we pushed so far that my friend turned and said to me, the police inspector is telling me if we don't quit asking for the booze we will both be locked up. There comes a time when you have to admit defeat, if you are sensible, discretion is the best part of valour in foreign lands. So the polis nicked my booze but I got back my binoculars, so they were boozers not birders. Oh, and the project managers wife's flight was delayed, nice one! And I still believe Oman is a great place.

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