Apr 4th by Ian under Bird Watching

How satisfying can it be to have fieldfares chuckling in the background while you are watching newly returned Ospreys? I have a site I have regularly watched for 4/5 years and from that choice of time you should be able to tell I'm not a note taker with observations. I should be, but I'm not, I take the pleasure from being there not from the formal note taking from observation. Cognitive indolence. Last week the 28th March I thought "my" Ospreys would have returned, no sign, this week 4th April both are there and attempting to copulate, I say attempting as the wind was high and from my point of observation was not successful. Saw the male over the river and I reckon he could be a young male and therefore not the territorial usual male ! maybe that's why he can't copulate in a strong wind! Also had a female marsh harrier float into view, quite a double migrant return for an hours birding. Also in sight were about 10 shelduck, 70 odd teal, Herring and common gulls and two GBB gulls scavenging on a pike as long as themselves with several carrion crows in patient attendance. Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I now know where the burdies is.

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