May 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

p10206371p10206402 This is an English proverb, just written in Scots. I like many others interpreted May as the month, it is however thought to be the May flower which is the flower of the Hawthorn. Last week 10/5/09, there was none in bloom and this week 17/5/09 it is well established. This, at where I observe Ospreys. Last week she should have had chicks hatched but my visit did not coincide with feeding so I could not count chick heads. This weekend I had more time so got up early and was on station at the back of seven. Female (assumed) sitting tightly and no male, good I thought surely still waiting to be fed. I scoped around and spotted the male (assumed) on a fence post with a substantial trout, carrion crow was really pestering him. My attention was drawn to another carrionĀ  crow "going mental" just 20m from me. A fox was the cause, he looked at me and I looked at him, he was not particularly bothered, snuffled around and trotted of. Meanwhile the Osprey had left the post and was nowhere to be seen! I waited for his attendance at the nest, but got fed up and moved. re-discovered him on a post that had been hidden to me with his fish, clearly well eaten as I could see a large red patch under his foot. I could not see the nest from here so moved to another closer point to hopefully count chick heads.. when I got there she was still snuggled in and he was there with no fish! This isn't in the script?, whats happening? To cut the tale short, I think he was on the nest she was off standing with no fish, as she flew off (me thinking it was he) he minutes later, was alarmed by a land rover nearby, came off the nest and perched nearby, she came back with the fish, seemed to push it into the fabric of the nest away from the cup, she continued brooding, the landrover left and he started preening. all was well except I had spent three hours intermittently watching and still had no idea how many chicks there were.

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