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I was in good time, having left Whitelee wind farm at 12.30 where for you road techies we are laying blacktop on a floating road, designed by several heads and road note 29, yes road note 29. Without fuss or hindrance got back to the m74 to travel south to Locherbie, when after junction 6 met solid traffic doing that stop starting shuffle. Radio Scotland informed me there was a breakdown on the south bound and traffic was building up, aye, right it was, 4/5 miles of it! there was several breakdowns in the hard shoulder, probable over heating as…

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Well whatever wasps have nice for eating have attracted yet another dig em up raider. this is about 35 m away from the one I posted about earlier, the earlier one, despite me thinking it was being abandoned, is still on the go as well. So why not dig into that oneĀ  again? the job is half done. And because it is half done it surely cannot be a honey buzzard? Daft dozey badgers probably, or as I like to think of them, big scratchy weasels. One country item I have learned is that a wasps nest…
While walking towards a small wood, a fox was walking up the side of it 200m away. I stopped he/she did not, but spotted me within a few fox steps and it half barked and disappeared into the wood. After about two hours I was climbing a gate at the other side of the same wood when a movement on a path about 5m away caught my eye, knowing there was a fox around (there usually is) I stood on the spars on the gate exactly at the point when I had seen the movement. A game…

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This fuzzy pic was taken this morning, and clearly the female is watching me. I had watched from a less disturbing point earlier and I could only see one chick. no female and male preening nearby, and 30 mins later there was still only one chick, now I was worried where on earth was the other chick?Ā  Took my eye of the scope to look around me and when IĀ  looked again within a minute, there was the female and she had a fish, not that I could see it but she attempted to pick off a…

Jun 17th by Ian under Miscellaneous

What is this?

What is this?

My brother, sent me this pic, could have done with a close up as well. however for you botanistists out there, it is an orchid? of some type, at Peel park near East Kilbride. Suggestion (from my brother) is early purple orchid?…

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I had checked out the Ospreys and was heading back from an uneventful session, except the females penchant for chasing crows. The male just sits there and she has a right go at them! two chicks are wing stretching, one is noticeably larger. Anyway i took a different path back to my car and saw this, or rather heard it. Of course being a birder and seeing a plundered wasps nest, I'm thinking Honey Buzzard, but i don't think so, not enough decidious forest here. Plus a honey buzzard would not have left the plunder behind as…

Jun 7th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Big Buck?

Big Buck?

Osprey chicks, there are two, are big enough not to need brooding so it is easy to confirm there numbers. My crap picture, I blam heat haze! should show two heads. The male when I arrived, I can now separate them by plumage differences, was doing his flapping about trying to stablise his footing near the nest. I knew he had a big fish just by this behaviour, and sure enough after feeding himself he flapped onto the nest and I caught a glimpse of a long skinny, covered in blood fish. I think it was a pike.…
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