Jun 20th by Ian under Bird Watching

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This fuzzy pic was taken this morning, and clearly the female is watching me. I had watched from a less disturbing point earlier and I could only see one chick. no female and male preening nearby, and 30 mins later there was still only one chick, now I was worried where on earth was the other chick?  Took my eye of the scope to look around me and when I  looked again within a minute, there was the female and she had a fish, not that I could see it but she attempted to pick off a bit and feed the chick. Chick was not interested in feeding neither was she and she just stood there, dozing I swear. Now i see the other chick, phew, little sod was kipping in the nest bowl. Next thing that happened was interesting, the male hops next to the female opens his wing lowers his head and sidles to her, she is dozy and stays still. So bold as brass he has the fish, and I see it is as usual large one, back to his spot where he was preening and starts to feed. Now because I missed her arrival, did she bring in this fish, or was the fish there and she landed next to it? I will never know for sure but I think she brought it in, no one was hungry except the male. Now as he was feeding, for the first time I saw a yellow leg ring on his right leg. That is why I went closer to see if i could photograph it. I couldn't but I did get the chicks, then I retreated. I retreated to the water side and was watching all sorts of stuff when on a pan around here's my male Osprey with fish and ring in good view on a branch. Unfortunately my photos are fuzzy due to the wind and slow shutter speed but I have sent off some shots to the BTO to see if they can identify this male who is now clearly not the same male as 2007, as he had a silver ring with ES on it. note the orange colour of the chicks eyes, they change to yellow later.

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