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Big Buck?

Big Buck?

Osprey chicks, there are two, are big enough not to need brooding so it is easy to confirm there numbers. My crap picture, I blam heat haze! should show two heads. The male when I arrived, I can now separate them by plumage differences, was doing his flapping about trying to stablise his footing near the nest. I knew he had a big fish just by this behaviour, and sure enough after feeding himself he flapped onto the nest and I caught a glimpse of a long skinny, covered in blood fish. I think it was a pike. Meantime she had gone chasing crows in a very determined manner, I think it was an excuse for some exercise. Meantime the male had looked at the fish now on the nest edge, and the chicks and had a bit chew at a stick in the nest. No attempt to feed was made. She came back and was calling when she settled, I wondered why? he had provided fish, so why was she calling? Anyway she started feeding the chicks and I thought I would go to the waterside as this happy family situation would last some time. I can't see the Osprey's nest from the waterside, but I was not surprised that I saw an Osprey perched on a pole. A wooden one not a polish farm worker. I just concluded it was the male from my nest, although I had never seen him on this perch. Within ten minutes another Osprey circles looking at landing in the shallow water, the female for a wash, I have seen her do this before and she takes a good ten minutes for ablutions, choosing the right depth of water that may take three flights and landings. But the other Osprey was on the pole and she was bathing, chicks left alone? I doubted it and took five mins to return to my usual spot, no female, but the male as I thought was on station. So a third Osprey is around. No surprise, I have seen visiting Ospreys before and there are many large trees around. But is it nesting? I was also watching a pairs of hares, the picture is the buck having a stretch. To the non birders the big birds are the parents and the two wee heads are the chicks, yes they are heads, each facing the opposite way.
two chicks

two chicks

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