I was in good time, having left Whitelee wind farm at 12.30 where for you road techies we are laying blacktop on a floating road, designed by several heads and road note 29, yes road note 29. Without fuss or hindrance got back to the m74 to travel south to Locherbie, when after junction 6 met solid traffic doing that stop starting shuffle. Radio Scotland informed me there was a breakdown on the south bound and traffic was building up, aye, right it was, 4/5 miles of it! there was several breakdowns in the hard shoulder, probable over heating as it was 28 degrees C. I was ever hopeful that having passed a breakdown the traffic would clear, not a bit of it. 40 mins of stop start and i see cones, two lanes into one, some bloody breakdown, it's roadworks, and as I clear the jam I see the cause, bloody verge grass cutting. Now this is just stupid, how much does it cost to hold back 4/5 miles of traffic for 3 hours rather than pay the guys triple time to do it on a Sunday, they would be happy and so would the travelling public. Job done plus whats the point of cutting 1.5 metres of grass next to a verge?, I have seen in Englandshire motorway grass cutting at marker posts only and the like. Sensible cutting focussed on a purpose, not blind exercising of a contract that globally costs the public and private purse more than the spuriously beneficial action.

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