Jun 14th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

I had checked out the Ospreys and was heading back from an uneventful session, except the females penchant for chasing crows. The male just sits there and she has a right go at them! two chicks are wing stretching, one is noticeably larger. Anyway i took a different path back to my car and saw this, or rather heard it. Of course being a birder and seeing a plundered wasps nest, I'm thinking Honey Buzzard, but i don't think so, not enough decidious forest here. Plus a honey buzzard would not have left the plunder behind as one of the photos shows large grubs. I believe this has been broken into by a badger and has fled under wasp attack, perhaps a fox did it as it was 10.00am and the wasps were still moving home. If a badger did it in darkness by 10.00 am you would have thought  the wasps would have moved. The wasps weren't to bothered about me either, they were too busy moving nest.

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