Jun 28th by Ian under Miscellaneous


Well whatever wasps have nice for eating have attracted yet another dig em up raider. this is about 35 m away from the one I posted about earlier, the earlier one, despite me thinking it was being abandoned, is still on the go as well. So why not dig into that oneĀ  again? the job is half done. And because it is half done it surely cannot be a honey buzzard? Daft dozey badgers probably, or as I like to think of them, big scratchy weasels. One country item I have learned is that a wasps nest is / would be hard to find but for a dig em up diddy doppy brock. This latest one has an original entrance that looks like a mouse hole and this entrance is 300mm away from the one one excavated and in the photo, that could be a rather large wasps nest. Anyway I postulate as i do not know for sure what creature is responsible for digging out wasps nests just to the point of exposure.

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