Jul 20th by Ian under Bird Watching

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I love watching buzzards fly, but when I'm at the Osprey site I generally give them scant attention. However on Sunday 19/07/09 both Buzzard adults were in the air mewing together, from the week before I knew a juv was out and about, that's why I got a picture of a mewing adult buzzard chastising me. This week I eventually spotted the juv and managed a pic before it was off, not to fly majestically,  just off, disappeared into the herbage. Talking of disappeared, two weeks now and no signs of the marsh harriers, I was hoping to see the juvs in flight, mainly I was interested in how many juvs there were. It's a key ingredient to breeding success, nest location success and site fidelity. No sights of any marsh harriers, need to read up on them, perhaps on fledging the whole family moves south, feeding as they go. Birds are such secretive creatures that they may all be hunting miles away or all in dense cover near the nest full of grub. Time is the factor in being a specific species expert, as well as questioning (from a scientific viewpoint) what you are observing.

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