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In the old Morrisons (just a bit before my time) when we were owned by the Morrison family there were two Ian Raes, one was sales and one was techy. I never knew this appellation applied to Ian Rae (techy) until a few months ago when I visited a Tarmac quarry that Morrisons used to own and I was having the crack with the guys. Well Ian Rae (techy) hung up his boots at the end of June 09 (metaphorically), as Ian will wear them till they have holes in them, not that he is tight, it's just to get value from them. Well anyway a good materials engineer is now on gardening leave forever, and a good time to exit as IAN 73 and HD 26/06 version 1 hit the specs to confuse and bemuse. Not that Ian would not have understood them but there comes a point, and the EU specs do this, when you ask yourself. " how did we build anything successfully before this EU joining"? Ian Rae like me and others made a living from the motorway expansion in the 70's, and we successfully incorporated ourselves in organisations that tendered, tested and build said roads. The market place today is different and more varied, flood prevention and renewables, some new roads. But still we will miss the expertise of those who's wide experience of materials engineering was built up in pioneering days and had a breadth to it, rather than some of  today's materials engineers who are one dimensional to the materials section they belong to. Ian  Rae (techy) will be missed, I especially liked to hear him espouse on place names and we both had a long term liking for Neil Munro's  Parahandy tales. Ah Dougie Dougie if Ian Rae waas here he would tell ye himsell "Chust wan of Brutain's hardy sons", he certainly is, and long may he remain so.

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