Jul 25th by Ian under Bird Watching

This spot is becoming lucky, this is the gate were I photographed the fox in the sunshine. I had just crossed the gate and was on the ground when this hare runs straight towards the gate, it was in blazing sunshine and I was in the shade. As you can see it was uneasy and I was wishing the photos showed it more relaxed, like my former one of a hare stretching.  It did come to within three metres of the gate after a few sorties back and forth when I snapped it, it sniffed the ground / air and decided better to lop off. Notice the torn left lug, it's been in the wars. The Ospreys are still around, the crap picture here (well I am 2Km away) shows the juvenile plumage, the secondaries and primaries are all edged in white,  it looks for all the world spotted with white splashes. This is accentuated as the juvs plumage is darker than the adults.

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