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Lochaline at the shortest ferry trip to Mull is virtually at a dead end road, if you're not going to Mull or the dwelling place of a few houses at Drimnin, then you need to turn back. Morven is the peninsula you are on but it feels like an island, I guess it comes from crossing on the Corran ferry and at Lochaline you have the sea meeting you. We are lucky enough to "be invited" to a converted church where in most years the majority of my wife's family congregate. In some years it's me the missus and her…

Aug 11th by Ian under Bird Watching


Aren't hover flies brilliant? inquisitive and so mobile. I have a small patch cut out of my lawn and it is sown with wild flower mixture. It is a buzz with hover flies at the moment. So I stuck the lumix on macro and had a go at some pics, I believe the hover with the white stripes is a marmalade hover fly. Look at the size of the eyes! imagine the reaction times of a hover fly in control of a tornado fighter. How wired up is a hover fly when we need highly skilled pilots…

Aug 8th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Aren't Ospreys great value? unlike blooming Harriers you can depend on them being there or thereabouts. These pics are the juvs feeding (well one is) on a rather large fish, had I been on station earlier I might have seen the fish delivered, however I listened to out of doors on the radio and it was well into daylight when i arrived, 8.15. The one not feeding was content till an adult flew over with a fish and they both started begging calls, subsequently the one not feeding kept up the calling, the adult fed in a…
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