Lochaline at the shortest ferry trip to Mull is virtually at a dead end road, if you're not going to Mull or the dwelling place of a few houses at Drimnin, then you need to turn back. Morven is the peninsula you are on but it feels like an island, I guess it comes from crossing on the Corran ferry and at Lochaline you have the sea meeting you. We are lucky enough to "be invited" to a converted church where in most years the majority of my wife's family congregate. In some years it's me the missus and her cousin, Helen. Helen is a great cook and we are welcome guinea pigs for new recipes, no fish mind you!  Fish did feature this year as Mike and Jan the owners are keen on fish, and were resident, so fresh prawns and scallops were bought in Oban and cooked that night, followed by kippers for breakfast. The reduction in ferry fares is welcome as we travelled by car on the ferry to Fishnish on Mull and by ferry passenger from Craignure to Oban, taking the bus was considered, but it has a terrible reputation for leaving on time even if the ferry is only delayed by ten minutes! Bowmans, you lost five return fares due to your reputation. This is surely not a highland way to operate? Where we stay, on wet years the rainfall will total 1000mm, in Lochaline it can exceed 3000mm, the flora and fauna are naturally different. Chaffinchs dominate at the bird table, with a few great tits and less blue tits. A herring gull can make an appearance, using binos you can spot sea eagles from the windows, and as I emptied the kitchen peelings at the bottom of the garden the odd 11 point stag, 6 on one horn, 5 on the other!! Common lizards I confess, I have never seen in Scotland, but from clues from my brother, who was resident the week before us I took my chance of a rare sunshine break between showers to snap my first common lizards sunning themselves. The pics are ; the stag, common lizards, a pipe band in Oban at the start of their highland games, leaving Oban on the ferry, Ardtornish castle from the Fishnish to Lochaline ferry. One picture I wish I could have got was a greater blacked backed gull nicking one of my  250mm mackerel from the timber pier in Lochaline, I did catch 20 odd and took 7 home, should have been 8!!

4 Responses to “Lochaline again”

  1. September 1, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    You can buy mackerel at asda , the gull cannot.stag pic is good.

  2. Ian September 2, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    stag pic, what about the lizards?
    the day after photographing the stag a hind was in the same place, she moved off reluctantly came half way back and issued three growling barks at me. Clearly my dislikeable nature is apparent to the animal kingdom, although there is one gull that likes me!!

  3. Ian September 2, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    Quality visitors? you haven’t seen the spam

  4. ThePath September 10, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Dad he is the spam! How does he know you get quality visitors. Anyway he isnt one of them. I have taken away his link!!

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