Aug 8th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

Aren't Ospreys great value? unlike blooming Harriers you can depend on them being there or thereabouts. These pics are the juvs feeding (well one is) on a rather large fish, had I been on station earlier I might have seen the fish delivered, however I listened to out of doors on the radio and it was well into daylight when i arrived, 8.15. The one not feeding was content till an adult flew over with a fish and they both started begging calls, subsequently the one not feeding kept up the calling, the adult fed in a tree nearby. If you are very observant you can see a glint of a ring on the right leg of the bird feeding. Both have been ringed, and the Marsh harriers have been wing tagged and presumably ringed as well. I found out four females and three males raised 10 young, yes birds are not as faithful as early Christian beliefs would have you believe. I had great views last week of harriers with wing tags, this week nowt. anyway later in the garden, I spotted these snails having some sort of "gathering"  up one of my Rowan trees, guess it was to do with procreation, later when weeding I came across this orange slug, of course the internet is fantastic so within minutes it was revealed as a variant of the common black slug, never ever seen an orange slug before, did not kill it either.

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