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I hear magpies all over the place but not in Perth or the surrounding countryside. See former post on Magpies. Well last night the familiar chuckling call was heard from a a large silver birch in the next doors garden, and it startled me, a magpie ! here. You can't miss a magpie, a wonderfully exotic crow and it gave my son (whom I called from the house) and I a decent fly by along the roofs, cackling as it went. My son remarked " bet it has trouble finding a mate" he is not wrong, we have seen two magpies in 34 years, and I mean we as he saw the last one as well. Magpies are not welcomed by everyone and the added pressure on nesting garden birds is a particular issue with them, that and the added pressure from damn cats ever on the prowl. I heard on the news this morning about "super cats" large hybrid cats that have a waiting list and are thousands of pounds each. If a super cat appears in my garden it may be followed by lampost posters seeking a lost moggie. I could handle a magpie though.

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  1. September 26, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I heard the magpie the day after Neil and I saw it, so maybe it will stick around. The swallows and martins are still around and the geese have arrived, the cross over between these visitors usually lasts a week, but that is observed from my garden. some poor swallows will try a rear a late brood and be torn from them by the need to migrate, some swallows seen in November.

  2. Ian November 8, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Midday on the way to the allotment a magpie flew across the M90 motorway near Bridge of Earn, could be the start of the magpie advance. Got to Pica pocket or two boys, got to Pica pocket or two. The thieves are coming !!

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