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Just had a great week in Cornwall with our friends. Cornwall for those who have not visited the county, is different, different in speech, different in topography, different in many subtle ways. Building for instance, the older roofs are built differently, no sarking, but across the roof joists  are purlions (i'm guessing here) and the slates (from Cornwall) are lime mortared on. It would appear to be a measure of coping with the different slate depths, the mortar evens it out, least they don't rattle as mine do in a storm. It was the walls I wanted…

Oct 7th by Ian under Miscellaneous

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The news by my radio brought information that two girls had jumped of Erskine bridge, and died, if you do that mid span it is a long drop. A certain death plunge. As my mind contemplated this tragedy, and I wondered, what did they think, contemplate, discuss on that hours walk from their care home to the bridge? Did these young vulnerable kids discuss the prospect of a hereafter? did their minds baulk at what if I can't do it? did they think of the thoughts of those connected to them and left behind? and was it "told you so"…
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