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The news by my radio brought information that two girls had jumped of Erskine bridge, and died, if you do that mid span it is a long drop. A certain death plunge. As my mind contemplated this tragedy, and I wondered, what did they think, contemplate, discuss on that hours walk from their care home to the bridge? Did these young vulnerable kids discuss the prospect of a hereafter? did their minds baulk at what if I can't do it? did they think of the thoughts of those connected to them and left behind? and was it "told you so" or what? I have so many questions from this news item, nae tragedy that I am left in bewilderment , determined to die, what were those last hours like as they walked to the bridge? For whatever they discussed it was no deterrent.

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  1. October 30, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Some are falling to find death performing the new-styled sports plunges, but this was not the case as I far as I can conclude of the matter. The sin of suicide … what’s the background – anything got revealed? maybe some emo-coined influences when they got soul broken, or a threat?

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