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From listening to various radio programmes it is apparent that large investment banks particularly Goldman Sachs, are investing in super computers. principally in America, seemingly these computers can monitor all selling and buying of shares and have algorithms that cause the super computer to act ahead of  the normal system that has alerted the super computer through the normal system to a deal on which to act. I don't pretend to understand stocks and shares and the dealing that goes around them. But the principal of share holding is surely to help companies that you favour with your money to assist them to further prosper and employ people, make profits and you receive a dividend and increased share price from when you purchased the stock you favoured. Or you lose money, win some, lose some. These high frequency traders are, in America, 2% of the traders but account for 73% of transactions. Trillions of daily transactions buying shares and selling them at 1p or 2p difference to their benefit. who does this benefit? got it? just those banks and their shareholders, who are now mainly the tax payers. So that's great we will profit?  no it will end up in that treasury vault, that institution that can afford to sponsor wars but not decrease poverty. The banks are at it already, using capitalism to kill capitalism. This is not happening just in America, from memory a super computer room is being built in England as I type, in Guildford? have a read

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