I had a meeting today with a newish testing lab in Scotland. CET Safehouse have arrived in the small marketplace in Scotland, and  have a tool that the others do not have, Internet reporting.  An evolved system, some five years in the making, not only does it act as a an electronic booking in system but it also has the worksheets and the report sheets integral to the whole system. In CET safehouse's system they transfer into your inbox your checked and authorised results, this means you can pick up your results as fast as they produce them. UKAS still seem to rely on your final reporting function as the paper "certificate" being produced and checked and signed. Wake up to the electronic era UKAS! And one day after the announcement,  Soil Mechanics have acquired from Bureau Veritas (BV) the whole of their testing labs. Saynors to Weeks to BV to soil mechanics, a lot of  "us"  have history in those links. And on the back of the award for the A96 project, Morrison Construction will have their own UKAS site based laboratory.

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  1. December 8, 2009 at 11:17 am

    This type of IT based system has been available commercially for a number of years from a software house called Qubix who developed a Lab management system (LMS) LMS is used by local authority Labs in England, Wales and Scotland as well as some Quarry Producers. I believe Stangers also use it. I was on the working group for this product up until 2005 and even then they were trying to get web based reporting system passed by UKAS dont know if they succeeded. Im not surprised CET safehouse produced their own system as the LMS system was not the cheapest Thats why LAs were the most prevalent users (good old tax payer)

  2. Ian December 8, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    My knowledge of the LMS system goes back a few years, then it did not act as a sample register and it’s output was the UKAS beloved certificate. My last UKAS job (2009)used Stangers and there was no choice offered but certs. Which we scanned and saved in our electronic system called INVU.
    tks for your comments

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