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Well how were 192 countries ever going to agree?  the developing world had their hand out and the developed world need to look after their economies, this, that puts money in the hand of the developing world. I never liked the stance of the G77's  Sudanese chairman, I heard a long interview with him on the BBC's world service, and he was clearly educated, erudite, and entrenched in his views. Anyway he doesn't matter, as he represents the nations with the hand out, those of you who have read most of my posts will remember the "golden rule" he who has the gold rules.  Nowt changes.  So Mr Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping I would be very interested to hear what you say to those 77 countries you chaired what you achieved for them. China's people and the politicians know they are polluting the rivers and their air, and I believe they will react to this, in a market place way, they amongst  the polluting regions can react very fast to generating new non polluting technologies, they are communist and a dictatorship. The clumsy democracies will react much more slowly, unless and I suspect (hope) this will happen,  a "clean power" race, develops in the market place between China and America. Europe has the lead on this but the market place is Europe it needs to be America, China and India. Russia the worlds third largest polluter is difficult for me to understand, I am not sure anyone can predict it's stance? Anyway the science stood resolute, no well read sensible person  can say the climate is not changing, some flat earth people say it's just a normal cycle, Mr Milankovitch, I think they refer to, tell that to the people whose houses are built on Tundra, ask the people in Cumbria, ask the sub-Saharan people in Kenya, ask the Italian border patrols who now have to move the border poles ever year as the glacier they are in moves. Copenhagen worked in certain ways, It  recognised, and put front stage,  that the climate is changing and for most people this  is a very serious concern. For the business aware there is a huge market place for less polluting energy methods from recognising that the concerned people of the planet will change their behaviours given a market place alternative. The politicians need to act to encourage this behavioural change. Also a climate change event in America that is country wide, and not in California, would be very appropriate. Something like a large blanket of snow, needs to be the worst on record sweeping down the East coast, only six years ! let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. try this connection too and here is a truly encouraging tale, imagine this industrialised, what you don't have to imagine is human ingenuity. Like green power it just has to be politically harnessed.

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  1. December 26, 2009 at 10:18 am

    SO, you got your weather event in the US, and no, it didn’t affect California, and it won’t affect the American way. Technology is one thing, a state of mind is another, and we are aping the American way of conspicuous consumption even as we pontificate on climate change. We can put a few cans in a plastic recyling bag every week and go on using more of the worlds resources with a clear concience. Or, if we are governments, we can pay contractors vast sums to put up wind turbines to salve our political conciences, even thought they take more energy to make than they can ever generate. It isn’t a technical issue, it is about how long we can fool ourselves into thinking we are doing something before the Earth sorts it out for us, which it will, one way or another, we just might not be here to see how it does it.

  2. Ian December 27, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Well if technology with political will in a market place that demands less pollution, that is us, cannot affect a change to producing less CO2, then we are as you say heading for a natures’ sort out. The behavioural change to make people who have, to change, and the people who aspire to have, to change is proportionate to each one of us making choices in the right direction. Unfortunately the populations needed to make the right choices are the Americans, the Chinese, the Indians and the Russians. You’re right, my hope in a few of the “worse of climate incidents” may not wake up the sleeping consumptive giant. US residents ordering more and more non American cars might, A Chinese company looks favourite to buy Volvo and perhaps Saab, what if Chinese green hybrids of these acceptable cars start eating away at home sales in America?
    Len you head for your metaphorical limestone cave with seed bank, shotgun and snares, just give me a GPS co-ordinate in case I need to join, sorry help you.

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