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Pictures today of Gordon Brown kitted up with all the protective gear in Afghanistan, well why not give him a taste of what the troops have to endure by sending him out in less than the best vehicles that they have, to Helmand province. Be more than his defect eye that would be half shut and shut. And the great perpetrator of our entry into the illegal war in Iraq, Mr Middle East peace maker, Mr Tony Blair, is making blaa blaa about WMD's I would have found another reason to invade, he declares, this dictator (Saddam) bombed and gassed his own people, he espoused. Yeh well what about China and Tibet? how about Burma? How about Russia? How about Zimbabwe? Seems like when you get to the top, as an earner and or politically, you become bullet proof as the establishment gathers round and protects you. How many times has Fred the shreds house windows been panned in? well just the once I'll warrant, there are probably web cams on his street paid for by you know who. So if GB is bullet proof why was he wearing all that gear? Oh yes, real bullets from the real world !!

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  1. January 15, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    afghanistan is welcome to keep him ,if they want.

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