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Jan 25th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

The body does slow down with age, and weekends can often drip by with routine household tasks. When most tasks are accomplished it's threatening dark and that's mostly because of your  late start. So on a rain besmirched day, like today, Sunday 24th, I lit the wood burner early and settled into some bird mags and then my newly purchased twin volumes of  Birds of Scotland. It fired me up and lifted the "cabin fever", it reminded me of the days when I was 18 and keen on fly fishing, my mate (big Gordon) and I would eagerly await the…

Jan 19th by Ian under Miscellaneous

Tags: Nae tags again! try this blog spot for a very interesting view of the financial crisis (don't think it's over) and bankers behaviour. I obviously would never make a banker as I cannot see how a bonus can be paid until the taxpayers money is paid back. But we are shareholders so the money will not appear as a debt, but if we are the major share holders then surely we can veto these payments when management meetings are held, I understand major shareholders are present at some of these. It is apparent that bonuses will be paid, with the banks paying…
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