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The body does slow down with age, and weekends can often drip by with routine household tasks. When most tasks are accomplished it's threatening dark and that's mostly because of your  late start. So on a rain besmirched day, like today, Sunday 24th, I lit the wood burner early and settled into some bird mags and then my newly purchased twin volumes of  Birds of Scotland. It fired me up and lifted the "cabin fever", it reminded me of the days when I was 18 and keen on fly fishing, my mate (big Gordon) and I would eagerly await the 15th of march, the ides of March, the start of the brown trout season. Flies had been researched and clumsily constructed and casts made, the river had been walked at least twice before the Ides, and large trout imagined in dark whirling eddies. I don't fish any more but the anticipation is the same and lifts the cabin fever that can descend in the dark days of winter. I should of course be out in wild weather on the Fife coast looking for ring billed gulls and long billed Dowitchers, but heh I can lift cabin fever in front of my wood burner. I should frequent Loch Leven more often particularly as sea Eagles are around, public viewing of birds is OK but not the best experience. Mind you when you find something exceptional, my instinct is to share, like the time I spotted a Pair of black throated divers in Loch Turret in breeding plumage, not the place for these shy birds. As my telescope is trained on them along comes a walker with a serious pair of binoculars, after a few words I am relaxed enough to confide with him. I don't announce what he is about to see, I say take a look, he then looks, looks at me and I confirm, yup, black throated divers. If I hadn't shared that moment the experience would have be less. wilderness and wildness are important for everyone to experience and to hopefully understand their own connection in the biosphere.

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