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Mar 28th by Ian under Bird Watching

Having heard the Loch of the Lowes Osprey was back I went to have a look to see if "mine" was back, no joy, but it's early yet. The birds will have a bit of gardening to do as the nest has a dome of long grass occupying the cup area. I had visited last week as well and spotted a white Fallow deer in a scrape, in a field of sheep, it was a good kilometre away and was unaware of me and was seemingly at peace. This week the local farmer had his sheep in…
Mainly from American movies I have the implanted notion that rivers in America, particularly in the West, run wide, clean and have deep pools. When Big Gordon and I fished wee Scottish streams a 2 pound trout was a whopper, and rarely seen or caught, I often used to harbour a notion that fishing the wild undisturbed American rivers for trout would be so natural, wild fish, in wilderness, you, a fly rod, a camp fire, fresh fish. It would have been like fishing Scotland's streams in the 17th century, only the catch would be comparable to catching a good…
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