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Having heard the Loch of the Lowes Osprey was back I went to have a look to see if "mine" was back, no joy, but it's early yet. The birds will have a bit of gardening to do as the nest has a dome of long grass occupying the cup area. I had visited last week as well and spotted a white Fallow deer in a scrape, in a field of sheep, it was a good kilometre away and was unaware of me and was seemingly at peace. This week the local farmer had his sheep in the field I usually observe in, and here again I see the Fallow deer, and it sees me and is off, not as you would expect a wild deer to be off i.e. over the fence and gone, not this fellow,  he mingled with the sheep, but used a fold in the field to just have his head above and watched me. I by now was scanning the Estuary to see if osprey or harriers were in evidence, standing almost still gave the deer the confidence to mix with the sheep, the shots above are from him settling down. I usually meet the farmer when there is cattle in the field, when he comes to check on them, mainly as they endeavour to escape, unlike the sheep who took ages to cross the burn and find the field they are now in, the farmer left the gate open for this purpose, but it has taken a year to happen. just how the Cumbrian farmers hefted new sheep to the hills is beyond me, however they did. So, I have some questions for Mr farmer when next we meet, why does this deer mingle with sheep when there are plenty of Roe deer around, I saw five on my visit last week, is it something of his doing? or is it the white deer I saw last year, escaped from somewhere, now bigger, herding with his sheep? The fallow clearly  has an interesting association with the sheep if you examine his undercarriage, from shot to shot !!

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  1. Ian September 24, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    I did meet the farmer, and he questioned me more than I did him. This deer has nothing to do with him, so who owns it? and if I kill it will some 15th century law pursue me?

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