Apr 3rd by Ian under Bird Watching

After watching a wet F1 qualifying, I went to see if "my" Ospreys were back. They were, well one was, one on the nest and looking all around, alert, I imagined she / heĀ  was looking around for the return of the mate from west Africa. Happened the Osprey was a she, and she was waiting for the return of the male with fish. He did, a paltry quarter of a once large rainbow trout, and she had to call call call, but still he only relinquished the small portion when she ducked her head under him to snatch the fish portion away. I did witness this last year so could be the same male, and it could be the same female, but time might tell. They have arrived as an established pair would, early to mid April. The usual less than good digiscope picture shows the female, note no rings. Also I noted, not a single wren have I heard or seen since the snow left the low ground. Also the white sheep this week were without the white Fallow deer and looked more settled for it! Harriers not in evidence, Herons busy on established heronry, some seem to be sitting on eggs.

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