Apr 18th by Ian under Bird Watching

On the 17th April went along and the often Osprey domestic scene unfolded, him on a nearby branch and her on the nest. And ten minutes later ? same scene. So I moved and after much panning around with the telescope spotted a female Marsh harrier, about 3 km away, it was windy and the bird was doing that harrier "lapwing" flight and like a lot of birds can do merged into the background and disappeared. I panned around for another half an hour trying to get the male, but that was my harrier moment, gone but welcome. Also welcome was my first swallows of 2010, flitting among the sheep and that white fallow deer, back again, it must be "owned",  a kind of pet. I'll find out if the cattle are put back in the field I use, because that's when I meet the farmer, when he comes to check the stock. Farmers aye know whats happening. Like the wee old man I met as I got back to my car, he spotted the telescope and was keen to talk, he knew of the Ospreys, the peregrines, the harriers, the farmers and I guess welcomed the chat, he did say he had witnessed the crossover of Ospreys at the nest and I remarked that that was good fortune as in all the hours I have spent watching them I had never witnessed it. Well, today the 18/4/10 in the rain I did, and the thrill was I new what was going to happen, it does help a lot when you can visually separate male and female, ah here's to sexual dimorphism! Works for me anyway. Oh and the wee old man with a walking stick and three front teeth had saved his money on dental charges as he sported a £900 pair of swarowski binos ! nice one. Forgot, heard a willow warbler, and last week in Gateshead where I was working, a chiffchaff sang all week.

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