Took these pics of a song thrush on the 2/5/10, and as the Ospreys were virtually doing nothing I will post this next week. I did just luckily catch the female marsh harrier land in the same place the male did last week, so that appears to be a chosen location. She remained at the location for a good ten minutes as I waited for her to take off, I scanned around then coming back to the location frequently, but there were no more sightings. The probable reason I had time to digiscope the thrush was he was singing against another and chose to ignore my quiet presence beneath his singing perch, the one I photographed had a "normal" call whereas the other did a great imitation of a curlew, mid song, better and more sustained than a starling. The first bird I ever ringed in Dubai was a song thrush, the second was a Hoopoe ! This is ridiculous, I never witness a crossover of female to male Ospreys for years and now I have bagged three, this happened on the 8/5/10 about 9.30 am. Again the female was getting grief from the crows and this time giving some back, she landed on the nest several times and I could see her calling, he was not for moving and strangely was quickly ducking his head, now and again, what was that about? She took off several times and when she returned with a stick he promptly backed out of the cup, she settled in the cup and started to place the stick. Will I see chicks being fed next week? maybe if I stand there all day, something that I should do, a 24 hour watch, a red bull Osprey watch.
The pictures above are a wee postscript, the common dog-violet caught my eye on the woodland path, the blossom on the wild cherries can't be ignored, and the goldfinch looks like it has the finch disease, it is certainly not a well bird. If you look closely it has a tick or a swelling on it's eye. Is the disease from the tick? lyme's disease is much more prevalent in humans from ticks, I have had a few ticks, one in an a place you would not apply heat too! as my wife suggested.

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