I went to a presentation tonight on the concrete ambassador series of four talks throughout the UK, Professor Karen Scrivener gave the talk on "cementing the future of concrete - science & sustainability" She ably demonstrated that concrete was needed and demanded as a unique material worldwide and went on to get us to the nana technology that enables them, the scientists, to tell us, the users and practitioners how a better understanding of the material and its constituents can deliver concrete with less CO2 emissions. It is the constituents that hold the key to CO2 reduction along with techniques like additives to the grinding process that reduce CO2 emissions. Download the full presentation at www.concrete.org.uk/ I am  convinced by applied advanced science in concrete technology that it will reduce CO2 emissions, but at the other end of the electron microscope the production people can assist, how? clients like Transport Scotland (TS) ignore all design rules and state a free W/C ratio of 0.4, why? well they don't say, but let me put words in their mouth, they do not believe the free W/C ratios from proffered mix designs and the quality of supplied concrete is less than desired. So they (TS) as ultimate buyers specify what they desire through employers requirements, which at the moment means more CO2. My point is, the rmc  industry has really to do what they say they will do and help the nano technology to produce better sustainable concrete. Why should I have a bad day just because the batcher man is having one? I know about accreditation and I will repeat here that QSRMC is not worth the paper it is printed on. Wake up QSRMC guys and realise your future is not hiding behind a QA system, it is in producing a competitive science based product independently assessed (eg BSI) for quality. My thanks to Helen for the champagne I won in the prize draw, the only bonus I'll see this year ! As a PS  I note TS, are, on the Forth replacement crossing moving away from ERs for specifying their full requirements and part filling in the designers appendices, noting that the designers should adopt these. Like I have said for years, not Design and Build but Proscibe and Build.

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