Jul 8th by Ian under Bird Watching

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I was out on the 3 and 4 of July and had nothing much to observe, except three chicks are well fed and just about to start that wing flapping stage. I was expecting to see them doing this but as the wind was gale to nearly gale force they were sensibly reluctant to try. I was concerned on the 4th that I went along at 5pm to see if the eyrie was still there, it was, and due to the wind direction and the surrounding trees it was somewhat sheltered. I did report one year that the eyrie had been blown down during winter gales so my concern had some founding. The male had a good spot away from buffeting winds but the female was not happy on the nest or perched nearby, she took off a few times and eventually I spotted her on a fence post where she was preening, so I guess she want to do feather care but was reluctant to leave the eyrie, but had to due to the gale force winds. One thing I did accomplish was starting to identify umbelliferers, the picture shows a hogweed (not giant) with a common red soldier beetle. as an off the wall link, being a gout sufferer I occasionally use diclofenac, it kills vultures, see connection below http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00sx8nd/Saving_Species_Episode_14/

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