On the 24/7/2010 I found a Tawny Owl feather and gave it to my wife to use in bee keeping as a soft brush to remove bees from the frames. She said it was a buzzard feather and I said it was a Tawny owl, she agreed. But it got me thinking that I should be able to prove that it was an owl feather, particularly a nocturnal owl as they strike with silence given to them from "soft" wing feathers. So I set out to photograph a pheasants tail feather against this wing feather of a suspected owl. Although I am comparing a tail feather with a primary wing feather I hope you can see the much softer surface of the tawny's feather. They sacrifice flying efficiency by increasing the drag on their wings but the pay off is a silent approach, no hard wing edges and the wing surface is "hairier"  therefore reducing the air speed over the wing making a wing flap or glide quieter. I hope my pictures demonstrate this. I need to pick up a wing feather from a diurnal species to make this comparison proper.

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