As some of you know I take my annual holidays in Lochaline, I usually have to explain where that is, the Morven peninsula, it is on the mainland where you get the shortest car ferry to Mull. There is also a passenger ferry from Drimnin that runs twice a week and is skippered by the lifeboat Coxswain, so you are in good hands.  visit see  picture of three known to me ladies, looking like they are going shopping by boat.  Well they were and we found Tobermory looking less than prosperous, no butcher, the business in the old church, closed, and two Chinese takeaways. Not easy to get lunch either, only a few from the many of last year. We did have a good pub lunch. Couldn't visit cafe fish due to the dietary requirements of some of the party. But if you are in Tobermory, visit cafe fish at the end of the promenade. Started feeding the birds on arrival, and soon had a multitude of chaffinches, some greenfinches, usual tits, but newcomers were siskins and collared doves, see pics. A usual walk is by Keil church, this has a prominent outlook over the sound of Mull and was once the burial place of choice of the good and almighty, there is a small  museum next to the church which holds gravestones from  the 14th and 15th centuries and is well worth a visit if you want to sense your place in history. If you have ever been on a holiday where the food, the drink and the ambience was so good? then the indoor pictures may give you a glimpse of why everyone falls asleep during the ending of Avatar !!

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