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All done on cheap gear!

  A quiet week in Brittany marked by a visit to a chocolate factory, Bowmore at less than £20.00 a bottle, oh, and I caught a fish!  For the technically minded it was on pellet with a size 4 hook and lead core ledger, 30lbs monofilament line, a very cheap rod and cheaper reel, (£15 new, and it was far from new).  The rod was a 2.5 lbs test bend Carp rod.   Landing took half an hour, when these things want to run, you let them run.

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  1. Ian September 6, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    the technically minded would like to know the fishes weight?
    how did it taste? that is the taste of success?
    no doubt you will be sponsored by the bait providers and the much cheapness tackle providers !

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