In Hong Kong on business with the weekend off it was a good excuse to do some birdwatching.  With Ian telling me that there were no birds to see in Hong Kong I looked out my book  'where to see birds in the worlds cities' to see what the options were.  I wanted to go to the Mai Po marshes but a permit was needed and I didn't have one, my book indicated that the Hong Kong Wetland Park was a good bet.  I arrived around lunchtime and wandered around until closing at 5pm.  The temperatures were topping 35 degrees C and as  such I was soon melting and consumed 3 litres of water during the afternoon.  The park has some great walks, however the mudflat hide was unavailable due to maintenance and as such my wish to see a black faced spoonbill was dashed.  I did manage to see some good new species and managed a few photos some of which are added here. I have contacted the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and am off on a guided tour of one of the island to see migrants tomorrow.

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  1. Ian September 18, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    I did behave a tad like a tourist in Hong Kong and was pretty good at driving whilst over the limit. There was no law against drink driving. A drunk told me that, come to think of it it was the same drunk I had to drive home.
    However Neil has as ever hit the spot running, great species, great pics and I will not be jealous of these pics as I know there will be more worthy of my ire, seriously a black face spoonbill! your drinking to much Chinese beer Neil, is there such a bird ?
    You have got in touch with the locals, always a good move. Can’t wait for Hong Kong 2, pictures of birds from a huge industrial park that is Hong Kong where nature cowers in corners.

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