22/8/10, yesterday 21st there was strong south wind, so I half expected the Ospreys would be gone, but the male was perched by the eyrie and a juvenile was on the eyrie, food begging. On the estuary I caught up with the female and another juvenile, so one juv missing, it could be heading south. I spotted a wing tagged male marsh harrier but could not determine the colour or whether it had two wing tags, suspect it is one of this years juvs as the male adult has no tags, and it's plumage was brand new, not a feather out of place. There were circa 60 Canada geese honking around the estuary, all to soon there will be grey geese from the Arctic  and the swallows will be gone following the swifts who have been gone a week at least. 29/8/10 One juvenile on eyrie feeding, with two crows in attendance sheltering behind the eyrie as the wind was very strong. One crow did snatch a piece of sushi for it's patience. I am guessing the other juveniles have left perhaps also with a parent. I further guess that the fish the juv was feeding on was parent caught and delivered to the eyrie. The wind was blowing so strongly that I suspect the parent was sheltered up somewhere nearby. the wind is from the NWst so would be a benefit to any bird going south, still plenty of swallows around. I delayed this post to see if the Ospreys would have migrated by the following week, they have, now on the 5/9/10 as expected for Ospreys they're off south. No sign of harriers either, thought I heard wild geese flying over the house this morning, but I was half awake. Plenty of swallows and martins around but they are feeding and moving south. In this area geese and swallows overlap by at least a week.

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