Well I have been biting my tongue for months, not like me ! the resignation of TIEs chief executive David Mackay was too much for a balanced view to withstand. I am not a Edinburgh tax payer, if I was I would be driven to protest. Bilfinger Berger are a construction company, they did not make the overly complicated bespoke contract that they signed up to. If it is exploitable it's the fault of the spec makers, TIE. To state on resignation that a company who cannot legally reply, due to the contract,  are delinquents, and lets take that in it's formal definition of "failing in one's duty", well from my information in 20 arbitration issues, Bilfinger have won 18 of them. Whose failing in duty? well those very finger pointers, TIE. But there's a North American definition of delinquent when referring to accounts, it means in arrears, perhaps thats what he meant as I'm sure Bilfinger are in arrears. Edinburgh city council and TIE are out of their depth, they have been since the inception of this project, as the buses are renowned and efficient in Edinburgh. Why trams? Edinburgh City Council have sat on their hands for years about transport in and around their precious city and when they should have sat on their hands they concocted this daft tram system. and guess what?  they got the cost wrong. Good on the Scottish Parliament for not bank rolling it. More resignations without gold plated pensions from TIE would be nothing but justice, wont happen.

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  1. November 5, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Couldn’t agree more Ian, another Scottish Parliament in the making!!

  2. Ian November 5, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    tks Alan, got 17 hits for this blog today, that on my site is major hits. I just get so frustrated with public officials coming out with such skewed information they must consider the listening public to be saps. A contract is a contract and legally binding but I am not confident when the dust settles that blame / responsibility with be apportioned. Lawyers the winners taxpayers the losers. Hopefully for the restricted budget for the trams (money now spent project not finished)it will be such a risible transport system the good people of Edinburgh will ask “what the hell is this tram thing, where does it go?”, and “who is responsible?”

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