In September this year my wife and I spent 3 fantastic weeks in Sydney, Australia.  The primary reason for the trip was to visit our youngest daughter Sarah who has been in Oz for two years now and my niece Lindsey and her family who also live there.  A little sightseeing was also on the agenda of course. A few travel facts first.  We flew with BA via Heathrow and Bangkok.  Travel time was 27 hours.  On the way out it didn't feel too bad but on the way back it felt like it was taking forever!  I guess there's no way round it but next time we will probably try Emirates from Glasgow and it may cut down the stress a little. Sydney is a stunning city.  Where else can you get a high class business district and beaches within a few minutes of each other.  They say it is a city of villages and I can see why.  Every community has it's own identity, shopping, entertainment etc. Yet you roll from one to the next seamlessly giving the impression of a huge sprawling city.  I've never seen so many runners and fitness fanatics in one place.  The city is set up for it with some amazing routes for joggers and cyclists.  Much of the entertainment and sightseeing revolves around the harbour area.  There are mouthwatering views wherever you are around the water.  A word of warning though ...... it ain't cheap!  The exchange rate for us was $1.68 to the pound - the worst ever.  The trip was worth every penny for us though. Now for the wildlife.  Birds are everywhere, especially in the Botanical Gardens and we spent a lot of time there just chilling out and enjoying the warm spring weather.  Most of the bird images here are from the "Botanics".  A wildlife highlight for us was our whale watching trip. (  Hump back whales are migrating south at the moment and trips out to the ocean are very popular and frequent.  The day we chose to go none of the whales were "breaching" (head first) but we saw plenty tails.  I was very pleased with the images I brought home.  We saw one kangaroo in the wild and a couple of possums.  No koalas though.  This was without visiting the zoo of course. You can see more images at

2 Responses to “Sydney Wildlife”

  1. Ian November 6, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    cannot beat a three week holiday, good pics as ever, but the second whale tail pic has a black object in front of the whale, any ideas?
    pic labels would have been nice, I recognise a kookaburra on the wire. but what Ibis, plover, gull? guess the bat is a fruit bat?

  2. November 7, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Still learning …..
    I think the “black object” object is the whales nose. He/she is lying on his/her back.
    If you hover the mouse over the thumbnail the labels show themselves. I’ll add pic labels when I figure out how.
    Thanks for your comments.

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