Beware these, that is even if you know you have one, I didn't, and became aware when the money was removed from my account absolutely to my surprise. The perpetrators of this deed are Quote Mart, they are a trading name of BISL Ltd, the real insurers are ABC insurance, and get this they are a trading style, yes style, of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies. It is even more complicated as the courtesy car is by another insurer and the motor legal protection is yet by another. Although new to me this type of automatic renewal has been going on for years, and it's purpose is not your convenience, although by default it could be, it would appear to be to stop you using the many search engines to search the best buy. According to their own documents (quote mart) they are supposed to write to you with the new proposal and you, if not accepting it, have to cancel your policy. From the moneysupermarket site it would appear many don't inform you. This was my case. If keeping the car,  I would have accepted the offer as BISL did change insurers so could have conducted a search. The car is for sale however. Phone calls became tense on my part as my wife had to cancel the policy as she is the holder, and was not at home. Later when the call centre person started talking fees I was put back on, even being well within the 14 day cool off period they wanted to charge £38 for fees. The complete insensitivity to this blatant recovering of "fees" from my money is infuriating. It's legalised robbery. My next call is to the bank to ask for proof that BISL or quote mark have my permission to remove money from my account, and in what form that permission takes.

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